Jetway XBlue H55 1156 Motherboard

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Introduction to the Jetway XBlue-H55

Today, we are taking a look at another motherboard based on the Intel H55 chip-set. This chipset has proven to be a winner in today's market mostly due to the low cost and the integrated graphics when mated with the right CPU, namely the Intel Clarkdale. We have taken a look at models from Gigabyte and Asrock thus far.

Jetway was nice enough to send us over their XBlue-H55. It is one of a trio produced by Jetway. The other two models are the BI-751 and the HI06. Each has its own set of unique features. Out of the three, the XBlue has the between layout, feature set and colors. We will be coupling the board with a new Core i3 540 processor, a known overclocker, to see what the board has offer in graphics and overclocking headroom.