Asrock X58 Extreme3 Socket 1366 Motherboard

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Introduction to the Asrock X58 Extreme3

Asrock has been one of the best friends of Pro-Clockers for a few years now. In that time, we will, occasionally, get a product from them that visually amazes us. Their first batch of motherboards were all teal in color and not too appealing, but their performance-vs-dollar was just plain incredible. It's been a pattern with them. Then, we began to see a change in their motherboards, aesthetically and in layout.

The first move pulled the aux 4-pin power plug away from the underside of the CPU socket, then we saw a change in colors on the motherboards. Gone was the teal PCB and in came the black. This received a standing ovation in our offices. It seemed as if it was a coming out party for Asrock in a market dominated by the likes of Gigabyte and ASUS. Along with the black PCB was still the rainbow of colors on the slots and plugs of the board. Not an eyesore, but it still left something to be desired.

Feast your eyes on the new X58 Extreme3. It is an incredibly attractive motherboard, based on the high end X58 chipset from Intel. We read all the new specifications on the board like USB 3.0 and SATA 3.0. Impressive as those are, we could not get over the sheer good looks of the board. The combination of black PCB with blue and white slots and connections should make the motherboard a coveted component as many consumers are looking for a nice blacked out motherboard to go along with their new black interior laced case.