ASRock 870iCafe AM3 Motherboard

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Introduction to the ASRock 870iCafe

As of late all the motherboards coming out of the ASRock camp have been on the higher-end. A level that ASRock has being working hard at conquering (and doing pretty well, if you ask us). They have come a long ways since their early years when they were known for OEM or inexpensive workstation components. With the attention that they have been getting with the release of their X58 Extreme and 890FX series motherboards, ASRock can now be mentioned in the same breath as the other big name manufacturers when talking about performance.

One thing ASRock has been known for since the early years is their quality, and that certainly hasn't change. No matter the performance levels of the product at hand you know that you are getting a piece of equipment that is reliable and trustworthy.

For those who are looking to keep things truly budget oriented, ASRock is not leaving the people out in the cold. Thus enter the 870iCafe; a simple motherboard with basic features, yet still retaining great looks. The 870iCafe may be lacking some of the features that'd make it an ideal gaming or video editing platform (namely Crossfire, 7.1 surround sound and USB3 support), as it has just the bare essentials; however, this review is not about what the 870iCafe isn't offering, but what it is. So you may be left asking "What pray tell do you have to say that is positive?" Well read on and find out!