ASUS P8P67 Socket 1155 Motherboard

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Introduction to the ASUS P8P67

With the coming of Intel's Sandy Bridge, it is now time to upgrade that aging PC that has been faithfully serving you for years. For some, upgrading is not something that is done every time a new generation of technology is introduced. For some it is not needed, but for others it is a budget which prevents us from that much needed upgraded.

If the latter is your reasoning for not upgrading, then we have a low priced motherboard that will fit right into your budget. ASUS is known worldwide for continuous efforts of bringing new technology to the table and putting it into each of their motherboards. Some boards like the Sabertooth, Maximus, and other ROG products get all the bells and whistles, but these are boards that not all of us need.

The new P8P67 is the ideal motherboard for someone looking to bring new technology into their homes, without having to mortgage it in the process. The P8P67 is built around the new P67 chipset, designed for the Sandy Bridge processors, and offer some of the same features as the P8P67 Pro (whose review you can find here). Equipped with four DIMM slots, ability to run Crossfire and RAID, the P8P67 certainly is a nice motherboard to build a system around. Lets take a look at it in detail.