MSI 890FXA-GD65 Socket AM3 Motherboard

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Introduction to the MSI 890FXA-GD65 Socket AM3 Motherboard

MSI has been making a lot of waves from all their success with motherboards based on AMD's AM3 socket. Just look at the 890GXM-G65 and the 890FXA-GD70, two motherboards that run rings around many other motherboards on the market utilizing similar chipsets. Then, with Intel’s error in the Cougar Point chipset regarding SATA-II, we are seeing more emphasis on AMD processors. Despite the fact there hasn’t been any huge change with them in quite some time (save for the 6-core Thuban in early 2010). With owning the "Best Bang for you Buck" title, if you've got a good thing going, there really isn’t much need AMD to change anything.

So for MSI to follow up the success of their previous motherboards, they have recently announced an addition to the 890FX series: the new 890FXA-GD65. This new board is squarely aimed at the gamer who is looking for the ability to run CrossFire-X, or a single high-end NVIDIA based chard, but also keep a tight grip on their wallets. The 890FXA-GD65 features some of the great features of the GD70 model like core unlocking, constructed with Military Class components, and the ability overclock with ease. So lets dive into this bad boy!