ASUS P67 Sabertooth TUF Socket 1155 Motherboard

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Introduction to the ASUS P67 Sabertooth TUF

Just what is a Sabertooth when it comes to ASUS? Well the Sabertooth is a new line of enthusiast motherboards from ASUS, which aside from your typical high end goodies, features a unique TUF (The Ultimate Force) list of options. You may have seen many of several reviews on the X58 Sabertooth motherboard, and it was the first to receive this treatment. The color combination was the first thing many of us noticed. Straying away from the norm with the brown, tan and greenish colors, it really draws one's attention.

However, the TUF and Sabertooth mean more than a unique combination of colors. Beginning with the digital VRM to deliver a high level of power efficiency as to help reduce the heat produced. Also, the 8+2 phase power can be adjusted to allow for greater overclocking and power output. The E.S.P. (or Efficient Switching Power) design not only switches power on/off to the motherboard and CPU, but as well as the other system components like GPU, USB ports and LAN controller. All of this allows for a substantial reduction of heat output by all parts of the motherboard, which in turn saves on power consumption.

When it comes to resistors, chokes, caps and the other smaller components of the motherboard, they have been held to a higher standard. These components are tested in accordance to strict military level specs, and according to ASUS, the chokes consist of several different metals enabling it to support up to 40A of current.

Yes, the X58 was a nice looking motherboard but the new Sabertooth model features the TUF armor which is a heat shield that covers the entirety of the motherboard to keep heat produced by other components in the tower from making its way to the surface of the motherboard. The TUF feature really takes the P67 Sabertooth to totally different level. But does the new Sabertooth’s performance make it a true winner? We will find out.