Asrock H67M-ITX/HT Socket 1155 Motherboard

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Introduction to the ASRock H67M-ITX/HT Socket 1155 Motherboard

It seems that people are no longer looking for ITX motherboards just for their HTPC builds anymore, but to build decently powerful gaming rigs as well. We saw the rage come along when Gigabyte came out with the P55A-USB3: powerful little motherboard that offered some serious overclocking.

Since then we have seen a multitude of these tiny motherboards come about with the desired PCIe x16 slot. Before all you were offered was maybe a standard PCI slot, which were basically good for only a Wi-Fi card or a discrete Sound card. Now however, manufacturers are putting that space toward a slot that is more useful, then incorporating Wi-Fi and RAID directly as a function of the motherboard.

With the Cougar Point chipset and Sandy Bridge processor selling like crazy, so brings a new line of ITX motherboards. The first one we will take a look at is theASRock H67M-ITX/HT. ASRock currently offers two motherboards in this small form factor: one being the HT, which comes with WiFi and a Media Center controller; and the other being a non-HT, which lacks both. Otherwise you are getting the same great motherboard features with both, though we will be taking a look at the HT sub-model for you all today.