MSI P67A-GD65 Socket 1155 Motherboard

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Introduction to the MSI P67A-GD65 Socket 1155 Motherboard

We are well into the Sandy Bridge era and we have personally taken you on a journey through it with the reviews of motherboard from ASRock, ASUS and Gigabyte. The overall experience we have had with the new technology has been a pleasant one. Pleasant enough to make me upgrade the main rigs in my household, at least all two of them.

One company’s motherboard we have been itching to lay our hands on has been MSI. Since the introduction of the P55 chipset, MSI has been a big choice of many overclockers and enthusiasts from around the world. Rightfully so, as the quality of their boards have been second to none, and not just for motherboards, but this goes for notebook and video cards as well.

MSI’s mainstream offering to the P67 family is the P67A-GD65. According to the box, it offers quite a bit in the form of overclocking, high quality on-board components as well as USB 3.0 and SATA III support. All the right things that a consumer is looking for. The packaging can say one thing, but will its time on the test bench say the same? We will see.