ASUS P6X58-E WS Workstation Motherboard

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Introduction to the ASUS P6X58-E WS Workstation Motherboard

Through my travels around the web, checking forums to see what the VIPs in the industry are saying about motherboards and today’s technology, I often read post where people will respond to the release of a new X58 as being late to the party. I even see it when someone releases a P67 motherboard for that matter. But we will keep this on the subject of the X58 chipset. Yes, the current Cougar Point chipset offers some more modern technologies along with increase memory bandwidth and support for Intel’s ME firmware and BIOS.

Yet, the X58 is still king of the platforms right now with its non-crippled support for multiple graphics cards, especially when using more than two cards. The P67 chipset has being proven to not scale as well when it is time to burden a rig down with triple- and quad- SLI and Crossfire capable video cards, primarily due to the native number of PCIe lanes the Sandy Bridge was built with. Most SLI and Crossfire boards can only do x8/x8, and while there are methods to get x16/x16 support, it still is connecting to the processor with the same restrictions. We also can’t forget that the X58 is the only chipset with support for triple channel memory, and we've see the numbers that produces. However, those with the big dollars to spend mainly like the X58 due to the fact it is the only way to use and abuse the mighty Core i7 990X.

Now that we have indirectly told you that the X58 is still the high-end platform it was when it was released some time ago. Many individuals have an X58 rig underneath their desktop, but Intel had actually intended for the chipset to be used by enthusiasts and big production companies as workstation work horses. Our next review sample is meant for the latter, but we do see many gamers looking its direction.

The ASUS P6X58-E WS is today's sample, and is designed to be the center of your workload, providing you with all the power and reliability needed to run a workstation. Similar to the Sabertooth P67 we recently reviewed, this new motherboard is built with all the highest quality components to insure a long and reliable operating lifespan. Rather, it is the long days in the office or the long dark night sitting behind the monitor in which ASUS is hoping to be the rock to get that next project done.

ASUS's take on the P6X58-E WS

The ASUS Workstation Series is the ideal foundation for a powerful PC. It delivers awesome power, dependable performance and unparalleled multiple I/O scalability for the most demanding tasks and future upgrades. The ASUS Workstation Series intelligently reduces operation noise and dissipates heat through advanced and environmentally friendly methods to accommodate user needs. ASUS Workstation Series motherboards also bring you ultimate reliability and quality through our 24x24 initiative, which means 24 hours non-stop operation and a 24-month life cycle supply guarantee. Don’t change yourself for a computer. Instead, let ASUS Workstation Series improves the quality of your work and life.