Gigabyte G1.Assassin Socket 1366 Motherboard

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Introduction to the Gigabyte G1.Assassin Socket 1366 Motherboard

The gaming industry is big business. Originally it was the video game makers who obviously reaped the rewards, but now the hardware/peripheral manufacturers of the products we consumers game with are as well. The trend of specifically targeting gamers started with the likes of the motherboard manufacturers (not counting graphics cards due to that being their market). The two leaders in the motherboard market, Gigabyte and ASUS, have both produced some very powerful and well built boards for the gaming community.

Today, we will be taking a look at one of Gigabyte's excellent and most recent offerings: the G1.Assassin. The Assassin is Gigabyte's top of the line board from their new G1-Killer gaming series motherboards, which also includes the G1.Sniper and the G1.Guerrilla. The entire line offers some of, if not the best components and features in the industry, and offering them all on the motherboard!

The G1.Assassin offers all that one could want or need in a gaming system, all on one motherboard. It starts with very uniquely styled heatsinks that would make any first person shooter very happy. For the audio freaks out there you'll be extremely pleased with this next feature, as Gigabyte has embedded Creative's own X-Fi based (CA20K2) gaming sound card. Yes that's right, Gigabyte has quite literally stuffed a complete X-Fi card onto the Assassin and Sniper motherboards! This will  push your speaker system to the limits, or even up to 150Ω headphones thanks to onboard amplifier. To keep you fragging online till all hours of the night and with a very low latency, a Bigfoot Killer 2100 NIC is also featured. That is barely even touching on what all this board packs. So join us as we dig into this truly killer board and provide you all the juicy details!