ASUS Maximus IV Extreme P67 Motherboard

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The ASUS Maximus IV Extreme is an incredible motherboard with features galore. Features that we have only come to see from a company such as ASUS, from their years of providing this select consumer market just what they want. The M4E may not be for the masses, but for the overclocker and bencher this is definitely a must have motherboard, even if it is only to do extreme benching.

The GPU.DIMM features is one of the more benching friendly features, by offering the bencher the ability to set the GPU and DIMM components to a more boot capable level, through lower PCIe bandwidth and frequecies to allow the system reboot successfully. We all have experienced a bad overclock and have the system suffer quick spin ups resulting in a unsuccessful reboot. This one feature can solve all of that.

For the LN2 users among us who are all about extreme cooling, then ASUS has a feature for you. There is a small switch near the DIMM slots to select and LN2 mode which will eliminate the cold bug from occuring. This, along with the ability to manual select PCIe slot operations, takes benching to a whole nother level. We feel the fact an individual has the means to disable PCIe slots to find a defective GPU without removing it from the rig, or releaving unecessary additional board stress is outstanding.

ASUS's ROG line is more than about good looks, which the M4E definitely has so don't get us wrong, but it is also about overclocking and stability. Like other ROG motherboards the M4E has several avenues which one can take to overclock. There is the traditional BIOS method, and the TurboEVO way within Windows, both of which we have talked about in a few ASUS reviews. Yet an additional option is offered the ability to overclock via another PC or laptop takes it over the top. Then add in the fact you can take your mobile device and overclock via Bluetooth is just plain wicked.

The Maximus IV Extreme is the certainly tops when it comes to P67 chipset motherboards. I really would like to thank both JJ and ASUS for making this happen. The only expected, and understandable, catch is the M4E comes with a fairly hefty price tag. At $330, the M4E can easily empty most peoples wallet, but is still about 1/2 the price of the previous generation extreme performance X58 platform. If your hobby is overclocking and benching, toss in some casual gaming, you know the amount of cash it takes to fuel your needs. As such, we see many people who will be happy to fork out the cash for this motherboard, and it won't disappoint!

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