ASUS Maximus IV Extreme P67 Motherboard

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We have reviewed several motherboards using the newer Unified Extensible Firmware Interface, or UEFI for short. Very little has change between the different motherboards we have tested these last seven months, but the Maximus takes it a few steps further by offering a screenshot capture option. This will allow for users to take images of their BIOS settings, for personal reference or to share, without having the need for a camera. The feature will come in handy if the need for help with overclocking, or other issues arises. All images would be saved to a flash drive, so one would need to be installed. Just make sure there is enough space available on it, as the BIOS saves the screen captures in BMP format, making for some large image files. We've converted these down to JPG for easier loading in your web browser.

Extreme Tweaker - voltage settings

CPU Configuration

System Monitoring

Voltage Monitoring

Temperature Monitoring

Fan Speed Monitoring

Q-Fan Control - fan speed settings

Tools menu - EZ Flash, DRAM SPD Info, OC Profile manager, Go Button File (set the profile it accesses), BIOS Flashback

Extreme Tweaker - Overclocking options

DRAM Settings


CPU Performance Settings - Multiplier, speed step, turbo power parameters

Digi+ VRM & Phase Power Control - PWM operating mode, VCore control, DRAM voltage control, + more