ASUS Maximus IV Extreme P67 Motherboard

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TurboV EVO

You may remember in the “Closer Look” section of this review we showed images of the many iROG chips the motherboard features. These chips work hand in hand with the TurboV EVO Windows application. The mix of a hardware controlled, but through Windows GUI application allows for more intensive real-time usage of the BIOS options. Being one of the most advanced overclocking software suits, TurboV is truly a real-time experience. Not only are you able to access the basic BIOS features, ASUS also gives you full access to all the advanced controls like the numerous voltage settings. The application is fully modular as well, allowing for the end user to only have showing what they wish, eliminating anything they consider to be clutter.




Probe II

ROG Connect

ROG Connect is a series of features that will allow the end user to achieve a remote overclock. The first is via another computer connected via the USB port. The second option would be via a mobile or portable device through Bluetooth. We have experimented with both options and find it to be handy and a neat way to overclock a system. The latter option can be done using Android, Symbian, Windows Mobile, and even Apple products. The Apple devices require the user to download the app from the Apple Store, but don’t worry it is free. Besides overclocking and monitoring, this feature is also good for transferring files if need be, since it operates over Bluetooth. The Bluetooth module can be used for more than just ROG functions but more simpler things like adding headsets, keyboards and other devices that have BT connectivity.