ASUS Maximus IV Extreme P67 Motherboard

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For testing, we disabled the Turbo setting in the BIOS to allow the system to run at the CPU’s default values. For RAM settings we elected to use the XMP profile set in the memory kit we were using, which was 2133MHz @ 9-10-9-24.

USB BIOS Flash Back

This feature will allow the enduser to flash either of the bootable BIOS chips without the need of a GPU, memory nor CPU. All that is needed in a flash drive and a power supply. Insert the USB drive and press the ROG button and the system does the rest.


There are many of us that when an error comes about have troubles identifying the issue. Even with PC speakers and debug devices its still a tiring process as research is needed to figure the issue. With the Q-LED system which is a series of LED placed around the motherboard, things become more simplified. Just located the LED that remains red during the boot process narrows the problem down.