Gigabyte Z77X-UD5H

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Introduction to the Gigabyte Z77X-UD5H Socket 1155 Motherboard

When it comes to Gigabyte and their motherboards you can’t really say too many things bad about them. I have been around Gigabyte for a lot of years. The quality of their products has been top-notch, their reps have been great to work with and their overclocking events have been first class. And I am speaking first hand here. One philosophy that I love about Gigabyte is their willingness to give the overclockers all the tools needed to put on a good show, even if it is personal satisfaction and not trying to break a record. And you really don’t have to do this with their most expensive motherboard. We see how well the Z77X-UD3H did and it is one of their cheapest (price) boards.

Granted, we love the UD3H and all its features but we would be a fool to pass up the chance to take a look at one of the higher models. The Z77X-UD5H comes in two different favors one being the ‘regular’ one and the other is a Wi-Fi models, we will be look at the ‘regular’ model. The UD5H is aimed at the enthusiast as well as the overclockers and offers a few more features than that of the UD3H. There are more SATA and USB ports, more cooling, firewire and a host of other features that we will get into as we review the motherboard more in detail.

Gigabyte’s take on the Z77

GIGABYTE 7 series motherboards combine a host of new and exciting technologies with the latest Intel Z77 Express Chipset, creating a unique range of motherboard designs that harness the outstanding performance of the new 3rd generation Intel® Core™ processors. With an exclusive 'Digital' VRM design, GIGABYTE 3D Power and GIGABYTE 3D BIOS (Dual UEFI), GIGABYTE 7 series motherboards ensure exceptional power delivery and absolute control, with additional features that ensure an unrivalled experience on your next PC build.