Gigabyte GA-X79-UP4

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Gigabyte GA-X79-UP4 Socket 2011 Motherboard


If you are an computer enthusiast then there is a high chance that you have heard of Gigabyte’s Ultra Durable technology. If you haven’t chances are you are not really an enthusiast or you may be a fanboy of another manufacturer. Whichever the case the Ultra Durable tech has been around for some time and one reason why Gigabyte has broken several records over the years.

The whole concept of the UD technology is to provide the motherboard with the right components to make sure that ample power but safe power is delivered to the CPU, ram and other components that tend to get stress during an overclocking session or intense gaming periods. This means Mosfets and chokes and even the copper traces are upgraded each and every time Gigabyte rolls out a new version of the technology.

And this is just what has happened, Gigabyte has update the technology and name its obviously Ultra Durable 5. Currently, it is offered on four motherboards: Z77Z-UP4/5 TH which both has Thunderbolt support and the X79S-UP5 Wi-Fi and the X79-UP4 which are based on Intel’s high-end Sandy Bridge-E processor. We will be taking a look at the latter today as part of this review.

Gigabyte’s take on the X79-UP4

GIGABYTE X79 series motherboards are designed to unite unrivalled desktop PC performance with a new level of flexibility and hardware control. Based on the latest Intel® X79 Express Chipset, supporting the new LGA 2011 Intel® Core™ i7 processors, GIGABYTE X79 series motherboards bring DIY builders to a new area of performance-oriented computing.