ASRock FM2A85X Extreme6 FM2 Motherboard

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ASRock FM2A85X Extreme6 FM2 Motherboard Review


We have seen the arrival of a new series of chipsets from AMD just recently, now dubbed simply an 'FCH', or Fusion Controller Hub (akin to Intel's 'PCH') . Codename "Hudson Dx", the series is split into four smaller divisions which will commonly we seen as A45, A55, A75 and the higher-end A85X. Each step up will in turn provide you with better and/or more of RAID, LAN, PCI, USB 3.0 and CrossFire support. Obviously, this does also reflect on the price of the motherboard showcasing these new arrivals.

ASRock's website list several motherboards utilizing three of the aforementioned chipsets, only the A45 is missing from the line-up. We could begin this segment with detailed reasons for why one would choose one chipset over another; however, with the A55 and A75 being essentially unchanged from the previous socket FM1 platform, we've opted to skip over those and focus on what the product in front of us features. What we will do is give you a rundown on the new FM2A85X Extreme6 that we have for review, and what the top end A85X it is packing will offer us all.

The FM2A85X Extreme6 is the flagship motherboard from ASRock for the latest AMD APU products, which are based on the Piledriver core (updated Bulldozer architecture) and go under the codename of "Trinity". The motherboard is visually appealing to the eye and offers load of options from low wattage consumption to an 8+2 phase power configuration for increased stability while chasing down the higher overclocks. One impressive aspect about this particular ASRock flagship board, which we believe everyone in the market for a new Trinity-based system will love, is that the Extreme6 is being had for only $100 from Newegg!

ASRock’s take on the FM2A85X Extreme6

If you weren't so sure about upgrading that old computer sitting in the corner covered with cobwebs, you can stop hesitating now. AMD's newest "Trinity" APUs have finally arrived! With more processing power and advanced onboard graphics, the new APU shows a lot of potential. In addition, the young and innovating company ASRock has exclusively brought a new auto overclocking function named "X-Boost" to all FM2 Series Motherboards, so users may have an extra 15.77% performance boost on the CPU! The FM2 Series starts with the most heavily armed FM2A85X Extreme6, which is equipped with Socket FM2, A85X (Hudson-D4) chipset, Premium Gold Caps, Digi Power, AMD Radeon HD 7000 series graphics and DirectX11.