Choiix Comforter Lapdesk

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Closer look

The Choiix Comforter Lapdesk is a double-edged sword so to speak. The unit has a soft side and a hard side. And no matter what side of the Comforter you decide to place your laptop on the opposite side still serves a purpose. We will discussion this a little later.

The Comforter comes in two different color arrangements one being white and gray and the other being black and gray. The device is designed to accommodate laptop measuring up to a whooping 17” which would include my new Sony F-series.

We will begin the tour of the Comforter with the soft side. This side of the pad is made of PU sponge which will eliminate any scratching of the underside of your laptop. It also serves as a comfort point if you wish to sit it and the laptop in your lap. The knitting used on this side of the Lapdesk is rather soft.

Turning the Lapdesk over will reveal a much harder side. To keep the laptop in place and from sliding around are a plastic points are the top and the bottom. They also keep the laptop elevated high enough to allow air to travel underneath providing better air circulating. At the top of the Lapdesk is a small canal that is used to hold your power adapter and other cabling which we so often connect to your computers.