Coolermaster GX 750 Power Supply

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Introduction to the Coolermaster GX 750W

Coolermaster has been a leader in the development of cases and cooling products for a long time. Everywhere you surf there is a forum thread of builds featuring a current case. One of the most popular has to be the HAF 932 and the ATCS 840. The two cases are obviously aimed at the gamer and the enthusiast as well as the modder that want it all in a case. Each sports, great cooling, are  good looking and made with superb quality. A new favorite of mine is the newly released CM 690 Advance II. It is a great cases with tons of potential. I have plans for the sample that we received a few weeks ago.

Besides cases and cooling, Coolermaster is trying to make a name in the power supply business. In order to do that, you have to target the biggest audience looking for a power supply. That audience would be the average enthusiast to the gamer. This crowd will tell , over time, if a new product is worth it. These are the same people that will be able to put a load on a power unit to see if it is worth the asking price.

Coolermaster realized this and came out with the new GX series of power units. As of this writing, the series consists of three units: 550W, 650W and 750W. The power range is not extreme at all, but the most sought after sweet spot. The entire line-up features a single 12 volt rail, which aims it at individuals needing the most stable power when using dual GPU setups. The largest of the three is Nvidia SLI certified. If you are not interested in the multiple graphic setups, but want great efficiency; well the GX has it as well with the 85% mark on all three units. We will take a short look at the new power supply to see what it has to offer.

Coolermaster take on the GX 750W

The latest addition from Cooler Master is a range of 550W, 650W and 750W power supplies that specifically targets upper mid-range to high-end gaming systems, the Cooler Master GX Series. The Cooler Master GX range of power supplies feature a single powerful +12V rail that has been designed to deliver more than ample power to dual graphics card systems, no matter if you use SLI or CrossFireX.