Silverstone Strider Plus ST75F-P 750 Watt Power Supply

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Introduction to the Silverstone Strider Plus ST75F-P

Silverstone is one of those companies that have succeeded in every area in which they have ventured into. There the cases, power supplies, hard drive enclosures and even case accessories. There isn't many companies that can boost such a claim. One thing that I admire Silverstone for is they have not forgotten what got them to this point. This point being a leader in the case and power supply market. Silverstone has continued to put their all into both of these areas. This is evident by the Fortress FT02 and Raven 2 RV02 case as well as others we will be seeing soon and numerous power supplies that we see popping up each and every year.

In the past week months we have taken a look at some pretty nice power supplies. Many of which are still hanging around to the lab serving various task. Our next power supply looks to join the ranks of this units still staying around. The Strider Plus ST750F-P is Silverstone's first 80Plus Silver power supply.The unit is fully modular something the previous Strider Element was not. These two features along will make the new Strider Plus appealing to the masses.

Silverstone take on the Strider Plus ST75F-P

The Strider series, as the oldest and most versatile power supply line from SilverStone, has models with myriad of innovative features and rating from 350W all the way up to 1500W. To build on this impressive lineup, SilverStone engineered a new generation of power supplies that combine more important features than ever before. The Strider Plus models, ST75F-P, ST85F-P, and ST1000-P are highly efficient (80 PLUS Silver level), compact enough to fit in nearly any system (160mm depth), have tightly regulated performance of ±3% from a single +12V rail design, and equipped with a quiet but cool 135mm fan. To top these features off, the power supplies also come with 100% modular cables with all the important connectors to support current and future graphics card specifications. For enthusiasts that are looking for a power supply with all the right features to make a high performing and aesthetically pleasing system, any one of the Strider Plus models will fulfill the task with maximum satisfaction.