Scythe Chouriki 2 750 Watt Power Supply

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Introduction to the Scythe Chouriki 2 Power Supply

Many of you may not be aware, but Scythe is no stranger to the power supply market . They currently have five models to offer the consumer who is searching for just the right power unit to push their rig. Today perhaps we can bring your journey to a close as we will be taking a look at their latest PSU; the Chouriki.

The Chouriki, as with the countless other power supply models, comes in several different wattage ratings: 650, 750, 850 and 1000. The Chouriki is 80Plus certified and equipped to handle the most demanding gaming rigs, including multi-GPU setups; however, this is not what makes the Chouriki unique. Read on to find out!

Scythe’s take on the Chouriki 2

“New Chouriki 2 PSU has the energy certification of 80PLUS® Silver and it reaches an efficiency of 86-90 percent, with a loading rate of 20/50/100%. Equipped with Scythe Kama FLEX 135 mm fan, this PSU has the optimized performance and extreme silent noise level under load on the power supply. The S-FDB has a sealed structure which gives the improved long life time (MTBF at 25 °C). Furthermore, Chouriki 2 is equipped with minimum two 6+2P-(8P)-PCI-E connectors, and it is suitable for every new High-End graphic card. Chouriki 2 Power Supply Unit Series is available in 650, 750, 850, 1000 Watt and both series come in normal cable and Plug-in cable.”