Cooler Master USNA95 Ultra Slim Power Adapter

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Introduction to the Cooler Master USNA95 Ultra Slim Power Adapter

I have seen many of power adapters in my time, and chances are you have as well. Everything from cell phones to laptops needs them. The unfortunate thing is they all eventually go bad, and when they do contacting the manufacturer of the device may cost you a pretty penny. Getting a hold of an OEM replacement power adapter has proven to be expensive, so this would leave many of us looking at third party power units.

Another not too pleasant thing about power adapter is having to lug these things around all the time. They are so often big, bulky and heavy. The added weight on your shoulders can be unbearable at times.

These are just two reasons that I wish power adapters would just disappear altogether, but the chances of that happening are slim. In the meantime we do have the USNA95 from Cooler Master. This little slim AC adapter has plenty of juice to power your mid-sized laptop, or even your cell if you need it. The real kicker is the fact the USNA95 is about the size of a deck of playing cards, and best of all it weighs about the same as one too.

Cooler Master's take on the USNA95

USNA 95 is the world's smallest 95W adapter. The super compact size will be desire by any owner of smaller notebook users. This tiny notebook adapter was designed as the ultimate traveler companion. Not only does it charge notebooks, but it also charges USB devices such as: mobile and smart phones, MP3, iPod, PDA, GPS and more. The smart LED indicator tells you whether your USB device or notebook is charging properly.