Choiix Power Fort 5.5 Portable Power Adapter

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Introduction to the Choiix Power Fort 5.5

Every since the day I purchased my HTC HD2 I have never gotten no more than a day and a half's worth of charge. That being said you can imagine what I go through when I forget to charge it at night. This happens quite often as I am quickly getting up there in age. Like many of you my phone is my lifeline during the day; I have to keep in touch with the wife, the daycare where the twins go and quite often am checking emails to see what the next product is a company wants us to review.

Some of you might be in the same situation, or even worse, where the drive to work just is not enough time to give the phone an ample charge. Also depending on the work location some people are not allowed to have chargers or other electrical devices plugged in, and some simply don't have access to an electrical outlet where they can keep an eye on it. If all this sounds familiar we have a new solution for you.

Choiix, a company of Cooler Master, has sent us over the Power Fort 5.5 which is the little sibling to the Power Fort 10 (henceforth referred to as Advance) we recently reviewed. The Power Fort 5.5 is a small device packed with a lot of power. Physically smaller than the Power Fort 10, yet offers all the features of the bigger brother, just on a smaller scale. The Power Fort 5.5 provides 1A of power to charge your USB devices faster, providing a complete charge in less than three hours.

Choiix's take on the Power Fort 5.5

Have you ever had your phone battery die while you were out and about? What happens if it dies when you need its GPS to get around a new city? This can often cause frustration and a feeling of helplessness. Now, the Choiix Power Fort 5.5 Whr offers you an excellent emergency charging solution. Your portable devices will be ready to go anytime, and anywhere.

In this era of mobile devices, people have several portable electronics such as smart phones, GPS, MP3/MP4 Players, and etc. Often times, people have two or more smart phones on them for business and personal purposes. We depend on these devices to be ready and powered at critical times. The Choiix Power Fort 5.5 Whr comes with a fast 1A charging port that outputs power to devices faster than ever before! Due to a special battery design, it charges portable devices twice as fast as a laptop/desktop USB port.