AXP SuperNova 1000 Watt Power Supply

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Introduction to the AXP SuperNova 1000 Watt Power Supply

You can never have enough power. I want more power. I crave power in a reckless, mad scientist way I can’t fully explain or excuse. Maybe if I have enough watts, amps or volts, I can attach hundreds of USB devices and boondoggles to my computer in an attempt to finally make a fully functional flying spaghetti monster computer mod. Believers, non-believers and tech heads the world over will migrate to my house to worship at the audacious, electronic altar I’ve provided. The power, my power will be stunning to behold and so a legend will germinate in Knoxville…

Suffice to say, I think the power supply is possibly the most important component in today’s computers. It gives life to our pieced-together monsters, and then takes it away in an instant, if it isn’t up to the task.  All the shear computational and graphic processing in the world sits unused without electricity.

With reverence, I give you the AXP SuperNova , a monster 1000 watt power supply with enough connectors it looks like a boxy spaghetti monster. How well does it work? Let’s just say it’s worth the asking price. Ramen.