Kingwin Lazer Gold LZG-850 850 Watt Power Supply

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Introduction to the Kingwin LZG-850 850 Watt Power Supply

Over the last past few years the power supply has increased its importance in a PC build. Before it was all about finding a power supply from one of a few companies like PC Power and Cooling, Enermax, Antec or Zippy, not taking into account much else. Many felt that if you owned a power supply from one of these top tier manufacturers you were well set in a quality build, which was basically the case for a long time. But when you did find a power supply from any of those manufacturers, it would also take a toll on your wallet.

This left many looking for alternative manufacturers to purchase a power supply from. This in itself could be cheaper up front, but likely cost you plenty in the long run. Efficiency, quality and stability are definitely the name of the game when it comes to a good power supply, not price and just wattage. Too low efficiency and you're paying out for an increased electrical bill, or too cheap in the components it is built from and it may die prematurely, which could take your system with it thus costing you a whole lot more. Stability may not necessarily cost you monetarily, but it can sure cause frustration!

Over the years we have seen many new manufacturers popping up that offer quite decent power supplies. However, many have also been proved to be pure crap by not living up to their marketed specs, to literally blowing up. Check out the many of reviews from Hard|OCP, JohnyGuru or Hardware Secrets and you'll easily find some of those. These great sites have the ability to test and place specific loads on a power supply that have bought many units to their knees.

One company that was not offering power supplies until more recently, and have been doing a great job in that market now is Kingwin. We know Kingwin mostly for their hard drive accessories like docks and enclosures, or even cooling products. During their time in power supply production Kingwin has shown their knowledge and competence in this field by offering some fine products, including their latest model with an 80PLUS Platinum rating. Today, we will be taking a look at one of their 80+ Gold rated Lazer Gold models, which has an 850W rating and boasts some quality features.

Kingwin’s take on the Ultimate Series Lazer Gold 850

Another power house in the Lazer Gold series, 80 PLUS GOLD certified, LED light, 140mm fans, etc. LZG-850 is also for extreme gamers for their power hungry PCs. It has 10 SATA connectors, 3 PCIe connectors, full modular design, over power protection, and over voltage protection. This is power, this is performance, get monstrous power delivered continuously to your gaming machine and be ready to play.