Cooler Master Silent Pro Gold 800 Watt Power Supply

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Introduction to the Cooler Master Silent Pro Gold 800 Watt Power Supply

We reviewed the Cooler Master Silent Pro 1200 watt power supply some time ago which turned out to be one heck of a power supply. But honestly, how many of us need this much power? Answer? A few of us with multi-GPU rigs or very large file server and we are not talking just four or five drives. And for those that do not need this much power we have the smaller less powerful version of the Silent Pro 1200.

The Silent Pro 800 offers all the features and protection found in the big brother, just less wattage. One of the features that made the Silent Pro line a great seller in stores was it met the 80PLUS Gold standards. Call you say 90% efficiency rating? It’s all about going green and conserving energy these days. Added insurance is offered in the form of over and under protection which is a must have when looking for a quality and stable power supply.

Cooler Master’s take on the Silent Pro

Ranging from the ever-efficient 600W all the way up to the 1200W power supply, the Silent Pro Gold will satisfy the energy cravings of any system. With a power efficiency rating of 90%, the Silent Pro Gold line meets the 80Plus Gold Standard. To achieve this goal, Cooler Master incorporates three visionary patents into this innovative design. The Hybrid Transformer™ incorporates the transformer with the heat sink, not only reducing the size by 25% over traditional transformers, but by keenly conducting heat, superiorly increasing efficiency. The Heat Transfer Technology™ crafted especially for powerful, demanding power units utilizes and L-shaped design to ingeniously route air flow by the heat sink, resulting in greater heat dissipation and therefore providing an optimal performance. The Hyper Path™ adeptly places the integrated circuits tightly to the transformers, shortening the path and creating a more direct energy channel, reducing the energy loss to nearly nothing. Combining these elements with the integrated active PFC with PWN controller, an intelligent 120/135 mm speed-adjustable fan, a powerful single rail engaging the most energy-greedy peripherals with ease, and countless other features, the Silent Pro Gold Series will handle all your computer power needs.