Jou Jye BW-B620JL 620 Watt Gaming Power Supply (Solo+Dual)

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Introduction to the Jou Jye BW-B620JL 620 Watt Gaming Power Supply

Today, we will be taking a look at a power supply from a company that we are not too familiar with; however, a quick Google search changed some of that. The company is Jou Jye which is based in Germany but has head quarter in other companies. Jou Jye is known for their OEM power supplies and hard drive enclosure mostly, but they also manufacturer rack mount enclosures, cooling, network adapter and we even saw a case or two on the site we would like to take a look at.

The power supply we will be looking at today is the B620JL, a 620 watt unit from their gaming line. The unit is Bronze rated meaning it has, at a minimum, 80% efficiency rating at 20% and 100% loads, with 85% efficiency at 50% load. Jou Jye have met and exceeded these efficiencies, considering it "82Plus". While there are many power supplies on the market with a Bronze rating, there is something the B620JL has that makes it different from many of the other units on the market. What could this relatively unknown company offer above the rest? Read on and find out, but we'll give you a hint: it involves two power supplies...