Aerocool Strike-X 800W Power Supply

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Introduction to the Aerocool Strike-X 800W Power Supply

If you are anything like me, you are constantly visiting manufacturer websites like for something new and exciting. One day I was visiting Aerocool’s site looking to see if they have released any new fan controllers. And while exploring the site I came across the Strike X link in the navigation bar of the header.

Upon clicking on it I discovered that Aerocool started a new branding line. Strike X isn’t just one product but a series of products ranging from cases to cooling and everything in between. We were contacted by the rep and were offered a couple of Strike X products featuring the GT Black case and the 800 watt supply which is what this review will be focusing on.

The Strike X line is aimed at the hard-core gamer. And looking at the Strike X 800W power supply is evidence of that. This new “X” themed power supply offers many of the protections that other manufacturers offer but in a casing that is on another level. A blend of red and black makes the Strike X perfect for those that are into case modding or simply want their PC to stand out visually.

Aerocool’s take on the Strike-X Power Supply

Introducing the new "Strike-X" product series from Aerocool - the ultimate gaming equipments for gamers and enthusiasts world-wide!! The "Strike-X" series includes a wide array of gaming equipments ranging from cases, PSU, fan controller, speakers, mouse, mouse pad and headsets.

Like all Strike-X products, the Strike-X power supplies bears the distinct mark of "X" such as the aluminum frame on the top cover and the label sticker design on the side of the chassis. The Strike-X power supplies were designed with the concept of "POWER", "STYLE" and "COOL" and they are perfect for those power-hungry users and yet cool enough to show off to friends.