Cooler Master Silent Pro M2 1500W

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Introduction to the Cooler Master Silent Pro M2 1500 Watt Power Supply

We have been looking at power supplies for a very long time here at Pro-Clockers. And it seems through that time we have seen trends happened. In no order but at one time it was about pure power then there was a time it was about the most amount of power in the smallest package. And then recently it was efficiency but lately we have seen a trend where it’s about the most amount of power with a combination of having the highest level of efficiency. Physical size has been thrown out the window pretty much.

With video cards like the NVidia GTX 690 on the market and a dual GPU Radeon card coming to market in the near future power to accommodate them is a must. A single GTX 690 recommends a good quality 650W power supply, so imagine someone with enough money in the bank to put two or more of these in a single box. Pure awesomeness. But it would require a good power supply with brut power to comfortably sustain it. And a high efficiency rating would not hurt either.

Cooler Master a name known for gaming as well as extremes has extended its Silent Pro M2 line to a system like one mentioned above. As of today the 1000W model will be upped by a 1500W model with all the cabling and connectors to support the ultimate rig. The new model offers dual 12v rails with 55A on the first one and 70A on the second. Looks like the making of a pretty good PSU in our eyes. Read on to learn more about it.

Cooler Master’s take on the Silent Pro M2 1500

Silent Pro M2 1500W features the highest wattage of our power supply series. It utilizes a powerful dual 12V rail that is capable of powering the most extreme system builds with multiple graphics cards running in NVIDIA SLI or AMD CrossFire. A skillfully designed aluminum-copper heatsink combined with a 135mm Super Silent Hydraulic Bearing fan help maintain low noise and temperatures under typical operations. A hybrid modular cable system ensures that critical components receive a strong hard wired connection while allowing the user to determine to customize their cable management. Silent Pro M2 Series features a length five year warranty.