Cooler Master USNA 120 AC/DC Power Adapter

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Cooler Master USNA 120

Introduction to the Cooler Master USNA 120 AC/DC Power Adapter

Having a nice universal AC/DC adapter around is a good thing. In my case I have had some go bad an having an extra around eliminated all the pain and hassle going out and having to look for a new one. Another reason I keep an extra around is to keep having to unplug and re-plug when I take my laptop around the house. Yes, I am just that lazy. And plus what if you lose one?

Whatever the reason for you to need a new adapter, Cooler Master has one for you to consider. The USNA 120 is the highest wattage model they now produce. Able to product an output voltage up to 20 Vda and 5.79v, the unit should be able to power up almost any small portable device you have. And having ten different tips to use should help the cause as well.

Cooler Master’s take on the USNA 120

Cooler Master’s USNA 120 adapter is here to provide a new solution for any notebook users and mobile device users.

It delivers output power at 19Vdc, often times offering more than the original notebook power adapters.

Also supplied with a collection of ten different charger tips that covers all the popular notebook brands and models currently on the market.

USNA 120 not only does it charge notebooks, but it also charges USB devices such as: mobile and smart phones, tablet PC, MP3, PDA, GPS, and more. The smart LED indicator tells you whether your USB device or notebook is charging properly.