Rosewill Fortress 750W Power Supply Review

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Rosewill Fortress 750W Power Supply Review



Computer systems are becoming more and more powerful every day. Super-fast processors are pushing calculation are razer speeds, video games are making gameplay as fluid as it has ever been and storage arrays are getting larger by the day, so a good efficient power supply is needed.

The nice thing is large wattage powers are not. All these components are getting more powerful or even larger but require less power than before. So, with a good 80Plus rated PSU and about 750-800 watts you can build a great rig and not worry much about your electrical bill.

Today, we want to bring you one such power supply. The unit is the new Rosewill Fortress 750. Rosewill is aiming the new Fortress at the gamer and enthusiast markets looking for super efficiency, mid-range power and silent. Rosewill offers four units in this series being: 450, 550, 650 and the 750 watt model we are looking at today.