Cougar GX-S 500 Watt Power Supply Review

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The GX-S series from Cougar is a worth a look if you are a gamer as well as the regular Joe looking for a nice power supply to build around and if on a budget. The units offers all the power and load protections that a modern day system needs as well as the consumer wants.

All the cables of the unit are of a good length and are sleeved in the typical black trend that is common today. Granted they are not modular they do bend and are flexible enough to hide behind the motherboard tray or other areas to maintain a clean and nice environment inside the tower.

One feature that I see a huge plus is when the load has a 100% load and the PWM function kicks in allowing the fan to run at or near full speed, it was still quiet.Making is a good candidate for someone looking to use the system in a quiet environment like the living in a HTPC build.

With the two PCIe connectors you can run a single mid-range GPU or two lower-end units that requires a single connection each.

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