SilverStone PP06B Individual-Sleeved PSU Cables

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SilverStone PP06B Individual-Sleeved PSU Cables


When modding first came about all it consist of was cutting additional holes in the top of your case for more fans for better air ventilation. Now, things have changed to the point we it takes a boatload of money to mod to the level we see in many of the threads in many forums. Expensive paintjobs, complicated water-cooling setups and total re-design of the entire case in some instances is just a small number of tasks performed in order to be considered a modder.

Another mission that came be accomplished that can be considered a mod is individually sleeving your power supply cables. This is something that is not too difficult to achieve but is very time consuming. To do a complete power supply can take as long as a week or two to complete and that depend on the model and wattage of the PSU. The higher the wattage the more cables to sleeve, the longer it takes. And then you have to take in account the materials and tools needed. Now, we are adding as much as $100 or so depending on the material used.

Another route you can go is to hire someone to do the job for you. This is a lot easier on you as far as self-labor but hard on the wallet. A set of cables that would include one ATX, EPS, 2x PCIe and a SATA strand or two would cost you in the neighborhood of $150 or more depending on who you hire.

The last resort is also the easily and we are talking about on your wallet and that is buying a set of pre-made sleeved cables. Some models that come with sleeved cables already, some companies offer pre-made cables for various models of power supplies they market and then there are companies that sales sleeved extensions to add to the end of your current PSU.

If this last route seems the best avenue for you and if you already own a SilverStone power supply that was manufacturer after 2009, they have some for you to look at. SilverStone has gone the route similar to Corsair and is offering sleeved cables. For a few weeks only black were available but red and white have recently showed up on their site. So, it is some to clean of the interior of one of our test rigs.

Silverstone’s take on the PP06B

PP06 was created for users who wish to utilize compatible SilverStone modular PSU and to improve the appearance inside their case. The PP06 comes with full length connectors and every wire is individually sleeved in black. This is a must for those who are looking to connect various components and wants a cleaner look inside their case. SilverStone is committed to releasing modular PSUs with the same connectors so the PP06 is a great investment and can be used for future SilverStone PSU upgrades.