SilverStone PP06B Individual-Sleeved PSU Cables

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Closer look

The art of sleeving individual cables is one that takes time to perfect. And once it is perfected it takes even longer to complete a full job on just one power supply. This is why having a power supply like the Strider makes this your lucky day. SilverStone is now offering already made sleeved cables in three of the more popular colors of red, white and black.

SilverStone is offering eight different cables over each color span. This list would include one ATX, two EPS, two PCIe 6+2, one MOLEX/floppy, two SATA cables. The units with one that one cable offered is the result of two different lengths being available. See specification page for the various lengths.

Each cable is semi stiff but flexible enough to bend in various ways. If they were too flexible they would just fall and droop which is what you don’t want. The stiffness allows the cable hold its bend and shape for a better overall look.

The sleeving who we do not know the actual manufacturer is of the highest quality. We play with bending and squeezing the cables to see if we can see the wiring underneath as the final conclusion was we were not able to see them.

Out of all the cables offered the one that I am really fond of is the PCIe leg. The way it is made is the separate 2-pin is on its own set of cables apart from the other 6-pins. So, if you do not need them you can easily hide them out of the way.

All the sleeving covered the full length of each wire as it should. There is a method of securing the sleeving without having to use any shrink tubing but that is not the case with the PP06B series. The overall look does not suffer from this method as they both can look really professional if done right.