SilverStone PP06B Individual-Sleeved PSU Cables

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You cannot go wrong with adding some individual sleeved cables to your system. It simply cleans up the inside of your rig giving it a better looking presentation. SilverStone makes it easy by releasing the PP06 series that is compatible with all their power supply made after 2009. And another good thing is they will continue to make future power supplies capable of using this same kit. So, they never go to waste if you upgrade to a newer PSU.

Many that intend on investing in sleeved cabling are usually worried about quality because there is a difference in standards when it comes to sleeving. This is one thing you do not have to worry about with the PP06 as the quality is good. You can bend and twist all you want there is no showing of the wiring underneath.

As much as I like the cables from what I see they are only sold individual. A starter kit would be nice, something that would contain the main ATX, EPS, dual PCIe and a SATA cable. This could save the consumer a few bucks and give them a starting point and just add on the individual cables they may need.

And for those that do not own SilverStone power supplies can go with the PP07 series which comes in red and white as well. These attach to the ends of your current cables for a better look.

The cables can be purchased from Newegg and NCIX for about $8 to $12 apiece.

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