Vantec Voltra 650 Watt Power Supply Overview

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Vantec Voltra 650 Watt Power Supply Overview


Vantec has been around for quite a while. The majority will see them as a company that mostly manufacture storage devices like HDD docks, enclosures and racks. But if you were to browse over to their site, you will see they are very active when it comes to expansion cards and cooling. One area Vantec is looking to expand today is power supplies. Currently, they have four categories under power supplies: VoltraX, Voltra+, Ion and Voltra. We will be taking a look at the latter.

You may have noticed the three of the four power supply series are very similar to one another. The biggest difference is the range of wattage within each power supply series. The VoltraX are available in smaller wattages consisting of 350 and 450 watts models. The Voltra is the mid-range power units ranging from 550 to 850 watts. We will be taking a lot at one of the models from this power supply series. Then you have the Vantec Voltra+ series which are for power hungry builds providing between 1050 and 1250 watts.

We will be looking at the 650 watt model from the Voltra series today. The entire series are certified 80Plus Bronze and consist of a single 12v rail. The Vantec Voltra 650 watt power supply is equipped with 140mm cooling fan that is load controlled and designed to run quiet. Internal specifications are one thing but visually is it a looked? Yes. This unit is branded tastefully and better yet is semi-modular giving the user control on how many cables to use depending on what is needed.

Vantec‘s take on Voltra

The VOLTRA Premium Series power supply delivers clean, stable, and continuous power, making it the best choice when you need an affordable, premium quality, and energy efficient power supply for your high-end gaming PC or workstation.