Cooler Master Seidon 240M AIO Liquid CPU Cooler Review

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Closer look

From afar the Seidon 240M looks much like the other 240mm coolers we have tested, with similarities coming in the form of a radiator connected to a pump/block using two short lengths of tubing. However, once you dig deeper into it you will notice there are definitely differences with this model from Cooler Master.

The radiator is made of aluminum and can easily accommodate up to four 120mm fans (two on each side) for the greatest level of possible performance.  Treated with a black paint job the radiator looks pretty good. The rad's fin density is pretty loose, allowing for lower speed fans to be used effectively.

One of the main reasons for electing to go this route for cooling is not totally because of performance, but space. Looking at the pump/cold plate setup you see how the spacing theory comes into play. With a setup like this you do not have to worry about clearance when it comes to memory, something that many of the large air-coolers we see on the market are guilty of by preventing you from using some of the memory kits out there with taller heat spreaders.

Looking at the top of the pump you can see that it is not as simple looking as all the other models we have reviewed. There is no reasoning for the design on CM’s side other than it's thinner height compared to the rest, but we'll take it!

Just like it's sibling the Seidon 120M, but unlike any of the others we've seen, the mounting hardware bolts right into the block.

On the flip-side, unlike may of the other high end AIO coolers we've tested which have a multitude of connections it seems, the Seidon 240M only is sporting one cable extending from it, and it is for the pump itself. Those other units have multiple cables either for the fans and/or for connection to a USB header. [Editor's Option: For a product of this caliber it's unfortunate it does not provide a fan header for additional cooling fans, or at the very least a second fan splitter to leverage another motherboard header.]

The Seidon 240M, just like the Seidon 120M, is compatible with all current AMD and Intel sockets.