In Win External Hard Drive Enclosure O-Ring

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Introduction to the In Win O-Ring

If you are a total klutz, or just want to add protection to your small portable hard drive, then In Win has a product to help you out. It is aptly called the O-Ring. The O-Ring is made to help those that want to prevent any type of accidental damage to their small portable drives and also to help soften impact in case a droppage onto a hard surface does occur.

In Win's take on the O-Ring

The striking yet simplistic O-Ring stretches around an external 2.5” hard drive enclosure in order to protect it from bumps and to add a splash of color to your storage device! The build-in mini-USB adapter plugs into the enclosure while the over 5 inch long cables hidden in the silicone reach out for your USB 2.0 computer connection and makes sure you will never forget your USB cables again. O-Ring’s silicone material is non-toxic, stretchy and highly durable; while the interior raised “dot design” avoids the enclosure to slip out!