OCZ Synapse Cache SATA III Solid State Disk

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Introduction to the OCZ Synapse Cache SATA III Solid State Disk

One of the selling points of the Intel Z68 chipset was that it supported Intel’s SSD cache technology; a  feature that enhances the overall performance of a standard hard drive without having to format and re-install your operating system and applications. Silverstone released a device that was very similar to Intel’s caching system called the HHDBoost.

Both of these technologies make it pretty simple for the end user to achieve better performance from their hard drive. Also what it did was have to spend extra money to get the performance especially when you add in the price of the solid state drive itself.

OCZ has made the transition a little less painful by offering the same technology in the solid state drive. Eliminating having to upgrade your motherboard or having to install any other devices but the drive. The OCZ Synapse is the SSD we are talking about.

OCZ’s take on the Synapse

The OCZ Synapse Series is optimized for caching applications to dynamically manage the Synapse SSD in conjunction with standard hard disk drives (HDDs), to provide users with SSD-level performance across the entire capacity of the HDD. The OCZ Synapse Series leverages the latest and most advanced hardware and software technology to deliver superior storage performance without sacrificing HDD capacity. For users craving the performance advantages of SSDs combined with the high capacities associated with HDDs, OCZ offers the first no-compromise approach to enabling high-performance and high-capacity storage for virtually any PC platform.