Corsair Force 3 240GB SSD Upgrade Kit

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Introduction to the Corsair Force 3 240GB SSD Upgrade Kit and Corsair DDR3 8GB 1333MHzSo-DIMM Kit

Laptops are not the cheapest form of computers to upgrade when we are feeling they are getting to slow. Only the lucky with deep pockets can afford the type of laptops where the GPU and CPU can be upgraded to faster components are a later time. So, the rest only have the benefits of being able to upgrade hard drive and ram. And to be honest this is enough to keep the laptop around for another few years.

These two components along give us the increase in performance and resource to keep the PC trucking along. But there are still questions that need to be asked. How ram do I add to the system? How big of a hard drive should I put in the system? Should I upgrade to a solid state drive? And I am sure you can think of some others. I can say this much when it comes to ram to make it simple max it out. When it comes to drives things are a little different.

We can take the route of getting the biggest you can afford, or you can elect to purchase the fastest drive for marginal performance increase. Or you can go the way we are going today and that would be throwing in a brand new solid state drive. Yes, you may have to sacrifice space but you get a huge surge in overall performance and this is best when it comes to laptops as a lot of times they don’t seem as fast as their desktop counterpart.

Many SSD manufacturers offer some form of upgrade kits for laptops. And Corsair is no different. Providing the user with not only the drive but cabling and software not only transfer your data but you whole Windows installation over to the new drive. This makes the entire installation process much shorter not having to go through the Windows install.

We are going to walk you through the installation of the drive into an aging Sony VPCF111FX. Hopefully this will allow be to keep the unit around a little longer. Or until the twins get old enough to pound away one the keys of it. And by that time I will have the money needed for a purchase of one of the new Ultrabooks. And to add to the likelihood of this we will max out the ram as well.

Corsair’s take on the SSD Upgrade kit

Corsair SSDs provide significant advantages over standard hard drives. The solid-state design enables SSDs to deliver faster data read and write speeds which can reduce software load and PC startup times. And because SSDs have no moving mechanical parts, they help laptops run cooler, run longer on batteries, and resist data loss from bumps.

Force Series 3 SSD Notebook Upgrade Kits simplify the process of upgrading a notebook from a hard drive to an SSD drive. The kit includes a USB-to-SATA cable and easy-to-use migration software for transferring existing operating system, application, and data files from an old hard drive to the new SSD. The new SSDs come in a slim 7mm high case designed to fit in most space-constrained laptops.