ADATA DashDrive UD310 Jewel-Like Flash Drive Review

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ADATA DashDrive UD310 Jewel-Like Flash Drive Review



The number one reasons for buying a USB flash drive its ease to access storage and its small structure. These two reasons make having a flash drive the easiest way to transport data from one location to another. From as back as I can remember these drives have been pretty small, no longer than a couple of inches long. And the drive capacity can get as larger as 128GB, making it pretty pointless to carry a portable hard drive in many cases.

Companies like ADATA have been capitalizing on the popularity of flash drives while at the same time advance the technology behind them to make them more durable, smaller as well as faster when it comes to data transfer. The new UD310 is out to give the buyer a small but stylish gem-like drive but maintains the durable that many have seen ADATA for having.

ADATA‘s take on the UD310

The DashDrive™ Durable UD310 USB Flash drive is a handy and rugged storage solution, manufactured using advanced Chip-on-Board (COB) technology to yield unbeatable water-resistance and data protection. Its delicate size and gem shape allows the UD310 to be left plugged into a notebook or Ultrabook computer for long periods of use without causing obstruction.