OCZ Agility 4 256GB Solid State Drive

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OCZ Agility 4 256GB Solid State Drive



Now that everyone knows what a solid state drive is, they are pretty much a common fixture into today's computers. But even with the success companies are having with them, it goes stop manufacturers like OCZ from further advancing the technology. Over the past few years we have see OCZ take the lead in the production of solid state drives as well as become one of the foremost leaders in taking the technology to the next level.

Today, we have one of their latest drives on hand which is the Agility 4. The Agility is the second edition of an Indilinx controller after being purchased by OCZ. The controller is now called Everest or Everest 2 in case of the Agility. This is an attempt to bring reliable speed and performance to the masses but at a fair price.

OCZ’s take on the Agility

The Agility 4 Series provides leading performance over a broad spectrum of applications, making use of asynchronous MLC NAND to offer an excellent cost per gigabyte. Agility 4 SSDs are innovatively engineered to deliver excellent file transfer rates and superior system responsiveness, all while providing a more durable, reliable, and energy efficient storage solution compared to traditional hard drives. Designed to take full advantage of the SATA III interface, the Agility 4 unleashes ultimate productivity, gaming, and multimedia applications for users seeking both stand-out speeds and exceptional value.

Mirroring real-world performance scenarios over a broad spectrum of consumer desktop and mobile applications, Agility 4 SSDs are designed to provide a superior user experience and extreme performance over the other current solutions available on the market. With the cutting-edge Indilinx Everest 2 platform, Agility 4 is optimized for consistent, high speeds with the complete spectrum of file types and sizes including both compressible and incompressible data for balanced performance like no other drive you've experienced.