OCZ Vector 256GB Solid State Drive Review

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We have tested many drives in the past year. Performance seems to trend upwards after each new drive came and went. So, it should not have been a surprise to see the OCZ Vector continue the trend. But when the drive crushed all others with an overwhelming difference in percentages we had to go and test it again. It is clear that OCZ wanted to put the world on notice their Indilinx controller could surpass that of the industry favorite, SandForce SF-2881.

Synthetic test are one thing but after playing around with the drive on the bench, we threw it in a machine that is used constantly for gaming as well as general office duties. The machine was noticeable faster in every aspect. It amazed us how quickly maps loaded but we were more dumbfounded seeing the machine compress large amounts of data using programs like Winrar. One of the things I hate having to do when setting up a new machine is installing suites like Office from Microsoft and various one from Adobe. After installing the Vector I didn’t mind it so much afterwards.

OCZ has shown they still have it when it comes to the new features and added technology in the Vector. Before we were lovers of the Vertex 4, but a new lover affair as started with the introduction of this drive. Whatever ill feelings that you may have had with OCZ, you will definitely have to set them aside and try this drive a look see.

At $240 at more popular and highly respected retailer, the Vector 256GB is nicely priced. And you are not restricted to using the drive in desktops and laptops at 7mm you can threw it in post ultrabooks as well. Another attractive aspect of the drive is it has a five year warranty showing OCZ is standing behind their products for a long period of time.

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