Prolimatech PK-2 and PK-3 Thermal Paste

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Introduction to the Prolimatech PK-2 and PK-3 Thermal Paste

In many PC hardware test the higher the number the better the performance. Well, that is totally not the case when it comes to our next review. When it comes to most thermal testing the lower the better and that is definitely the case when it comes to thermal paste, compound, grease or whatever you want to call it. We know Prolimatech for their remarkable CPU coolers but they are showing their hands to day with a pair of thermal solutions to help theirs as well as all other CPU coolers. Today, we will be taking a look at their PK- and PK-3 compounds.

Prolimatech’s take on the PK series

When putting down, nothing beats smooth and easy. That is why we created the PK-2 thermal compound. The PK-2 thermal compound is a high performance thermal bonding agent specially designed for easy application.PK-2's core feature is its low viscosity, allowing for one to quickly and easily apply the thinnest coat of thermal compound possible. This will get your components up close and personal in no time.


Like two hot lovers, a heat sink and the processor want to make full contact. But microscopic imperfections in their craftsmanship create small gap for air. These gaps act as thermal insulators, inhibiting the transfer of thermal energy from your components. PK-3 thermal compound is made up of specially designed Nano particles, engineered to correct these imperfections. The Nano particles work by filling in the small air gaps and allowing for peak transfer of heat away from your components.