Tuniq TX-2 Extreme Thermal Compound

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Introduction to the Tuniq TX-2 Extreme Thermal Compound

Now more than ever cooling is a factor when it comes time to build that dream rig. Not really do you have to research your CPU cooler but thermal compound. It is no longer a fact that Arctic Silver 5 is the best of them all anymore. We have seen several compounds hit the market that will give the classic a challenge. Today, we will be reviewing one of those compounds. This new paste is the Tuniq TX-2 Extreme.

Tuniq's take on the TX-2 Extreme

Tuniq TX-2 Extreme is a high quality thermal conductivity compound. It is easy to spread Tuniq TX-2 Extreme evenly across your CPU and it will not leave a sticky residue on your hands. It will allow your CPU to more effectively and efficiently thermal cool thereby increasing the longevity of your computer.