PowerColor PCS+ HD7850 Radeon Graphic Card Review

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PowerColor PCS+ HD7850 Radeon Graphic Card Review


There have been quite a bit of talk about the new NVidia Titan and rightfully so, the card is a beast. But unless you have a ton of money owning one is a longshot. All of today’s cards are still more than able to get us through several campaigns of our favorite video games. For many, cards like the 78xx series from AMD will get the job done just fine.

The Radeon HD 78xx series consist of the 7850 and the 7870. Both are at the level where the game is of high quality while the cost of ownership is low. A HD 7850 running reference number will set you back about $170 while and overclock unit will cost you about $200 or there about. The slightly faster HD 7870 will up the ante to $240 plus depending on the model.

Will we be talking a look at the between level and inspecting the PowerColor PCS+ HD7850. The latest 7850 variation from PowerColor takes the reference design and tweaks it to be a better performer. This is due to the 140MHz overclock of the reference’s 860MHz Core Clock and the addition of the Memory being supercharger from 4800MHz to 4900MHz.

With everything that was just said in the last paragraph we believe that the PCS+ HD7850 will be a winner with the budget gamer.  

PowerColor’s take on the PCS+ HD7850

TUL Corporation, a leading manufacturer of AMD graphic cards, today announces the latest overclocking edition of HD7850: the PowerColor PCS+ HD7850. The PowerColor PCS+ HD7850 clocks at 1000 MHz core speed and 1225 MHz memory speed, featured with factory overclocked setting, delivering incredibly rich and stunning HD performance with the support for vivid DirectX® 11.1 gaming.

The PowerColor PCS+ HD7850 armed with Gold Power Kit design, with DrMos, Digital PWM and Multi Phases design, enhancing the stability at overclocked mode. What’s more, the advanced edition has equipped with professional cooling system, with 92mm ultra big cooling fan and SS-Shape heat pipes direct touch technology, allowing 15% quieter and 15% cooler performance than reference board and delivering an extraordinary heat dissipate effect.

The latest PCS+ HD7850 packed with industry-leading technology; by utilizing AMD Eyefinity 2.0 technology and AMD HD3D Technology, the PCS+ HD7850 supports multi-display stereoscopic 3Dcontent, allowing an immersive “wrap around” gaming experience. Also, it supports AMD PowerTune technology and AMD ZeroCore technology, enabling the intelligent power monitoring to enable higher clock speeds and better performance when needed, delivering the most efficient way for gaming like never before.